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cryptocurrencies are histories most important invention
cryptocurrencies are histories most important invention
its very simple... because every time you had anything of value somebody could take it from you.
As a slave, as a citizen, as a worker, as a lord, whatever you ever had of value could be taken from you since the beginning of time.
With cryptocurrency this is not possible anymore. You can store your seed in your brain or an excellent hiding place
and no one will ever have access to it or find it except for the people you want to.
Comment 4 months ago by cypherpunks in future of cryptocurrencies
why are cryptocurrencies so important?
Because they allow you to send or receive money without asking anyone in between.
For example if you have ever tried to apply for a merchant account with credit cards
they might categorize you as high or low risk and you will fall into high risk if you have too many charge backs.
With cryptocurrencies this problem just doesnt exist
Comment 4 months ago by anonuser in benefits of cryptocurrencies

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